A webmail app lets you send out and receive messages via browser without the need to set up an e-mail address in a program such as Thunderbird or Outlook. When you take a trip, for instance, you'll be able to check your e-mail messages from an Internet café and you will not need to download, install or configure anything at all. Webmail applications are advanced enough to present you with a lot of options like using an address book or creating folders that will afterwards come in your email client. As the webmail software works with the messages on the server, it is crucial that you apply the IMAP protocol if you set up an email account on your computer. You may still use webmail if you select POP, but old e-mails will not be accessible due to the fact that they'll have been downloaded on your computer. You can use webmail as long as there is any email set up with your hosting account and using an email application before being able to use webmail isn't a requirement, so you're able to handle your digital communication solely through an Internet browser.

Webmail RoundCube in Cloud Hosting

If you have a Linux cloud hosting from us, you will be able to use Roundcube, an innovative webmail client. It is easy to access it either through the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel, used to manage the account, or exclusively by typing a URL inside your browser and then entering your e-mail address and the password for it. You'll be also capable to open the app using your own URL http://webmail.your-domain.com if the e-mails are used by a company or maybe an enterprise, for example. Roundcube has practically all the options that you could need from an e-mail client and you could easily create unique identities for a certain e-mail address, set up and implement an address book, make folders or HTML signatures, choose the time zone based on your location currently, and a lot more.

Webmail RoundCube in Semi-dedicated Hosting

All our semi-dedicated packages come with a feature-rich webmail app called Roundcube, which can be accessed either by entering its URL within your browser and then typing in the necessary e-mail, or by simply clicking on a certain e-mail account inside the Emails part of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel. Either way, you'll sign in to an intuitive interface where one can manage your messages and folders, make aliases or HTML signatures, fine-tune the time zone to the one you'll need, create and use an address book, and many more. Roundcube can very easily replace any desktop program. If you use the semi-dedicated account for hosting a domain of a business or an organization, you can easily create a customized URL with that domain for the employees to access their e-mails, as opposed to our standard URL.